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She turned out to be a man (still living, no cancer) who spoke in a feminine voice during hours-long phone conversations with the football player.

On Christmas Eve, she got an email from [email protected] “i know this is season of spending money may be you don't have enough presently , honey if you cant make it possible this period can you make it possible to raise the 00 before 10/01/2015 ?” He needed her support and silence, he said in the international language of philandering spouses, “because don't want any member of my family to know about my private my private life in Australia yet i have to do the right thing at the right time before informing my family hope you get me right?In counterattack, online angels who administer the Facebook page Military Romance Scams or The Wall of Shame on A Soldier’s Perspective blog try to help by posting photos used and re-used to entrap victims.Often the images are small and grainy because they were taken from public pages without the knowledge of service members they portray. The quality of members here far exceeds other sites.” Military Spot Personals Home – Click Here!

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Other props used to incite admiration, pity and affection so victims let their guard down include sob stories about exes, photos of adorable children and dogs, and dramatic tales of danger.

Women are usually targeted by the military romance scams, since the armed forces are mostly male. Remember what happened to Chargers linebacker Manti Te’o when his girlfriend he met online died of leukemia?

When Margaret Clare realized it wasn’t Toolan on the other end of the line, she asked that the general be notified, “in the hope that there is a way to stop these people, whoever they are, from trying to destroy or even attempt to taint such a distinguished, honorable man who has been committed in achieving such exceptional success.“He and his family should not be exploited in any way that would mark his extraordinary life,” she wrote in an email from Australia. Last week, the Corps awarded a ,000 contract to SNS Discovery Tool to develop an automated program that will identify and block fraudulent profiles, trolling social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google , Instagram, and You Tube.